The Laurie Davis SHOW

Laurie Davis is a retired teacher and school administrator having served 15 years in the public school system. In 1984 she retired to pursue her entrepreneurial goals and dreams. One of those dreams was to do school her way. This year 2020 marks her 50th year teaching, training, facilitating and mentoring others. In 1992 along with the support of her husband Ron they opened their doors for business. Starting with 10 workshops that Laurie created, they began a journey that would be full of setbacks, surprises, failures, successes and growth. However as Laurie says, “We would not have had it any other way for all that we have learned.” To date she now has literally authored and created hundreds of workshops, and certifies others to deliver her programs. She has provided extensive services also to our Aboriginal Communities across Canada and in the USA. Laurie has been published in countless articles and featured in a documentary film on Gratitude. She facilitates workshops, online and in person. You can contact Laurie directly at:


The Laurie Davis SHOW
The Laurie Davis SHOW

  • Great Show!
  • 04/3/2020

Great Show!

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