The Shopologist and the DIVA

What happens when the DIVA and the Shopologist come together? The Catbird Seat, that’s What!

“The catbird seat” is used to describe an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage in any type of dealing among parties.

What happens when “The Diva” and “The Shopologist” team up with Big Media USA? A Cash Generating Machine is created and The “Brand U” Podcast Station is launched – where you can learn how to Get Paid to Brand U, positioning yourself in “The Catbird Seat”! A new fast paced Station that brings together Decades of Entrepreneurism, Business Building, Branding, and Sass…! Always Sass! Co- hosts Danielle “The Diva” Forsgren, founder of Legally Diva and Stephanie “The Shopologist” Graham, founder of Ask The Shopologist are excited to share the secrets of how U can Get a Brand U Toolbelt customized to build the Lifestyle of Your Dreams.

The Shopologist and the DIVA

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