Dr. Meg Haworth

Dr. Meg Barretto, Ph.D. is a 16-year veteran of gluten and dairy-free cooking. In order to heal more than a dozen illnesses in her own body due to severe food allergies, she was forced to change her diet literally overnight. A diehard fan of delicious and flavorful foods, her quest to continue to eat the best birthday cake, pizza and chocolate chip cookies sent her into the kitchen to experiment with recipes. In addition to cooking for herself, she spent four years as a bed & breakfast owner where she perfected, tested, and taught gluten and dairy-free cooking.
Now, over 40, she is healthier and happier than ever. She shares her recipes, wisdom and wealth of knowledge with the ever-growing population of gluten and dairy-free eaters through her monthly Delicious and Healthy Living newsletter, her website and her new Cookbook and guide Done With Dairy – Giving Up Gluten – 14 Days to a Delicious and Healthy You.

Dr. Meg was the first featured food allergy chef in a mainstream venue on the hit Internet cooking channel, Eat, Drink or Die, a franchise of Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die. In her show, she shared three-minute videos on how to make some of her unbelievably delicious and healthy recipes.
Dr. Meg holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and is the author of the workbook series Become Who You Are: The Stages of Spiritual Transformation, and a co-author of Inspiration to Realization: Volume III where she shares her groundbreaking “Whole Person Integration Technique.” She is also the former host of the internet radio show Life Lessons from Your Soul.
Dr. Meg is available in private practice in Los Angeles, CA or via telephone or Skype worldwide for Food Coaching and Personal Evolution Sessions to help you to Heal Your Life One Choice at a Time.
Dr. Meg firmly believes that healthy eating does not have to taste terrible, and her recipes are proof that healthy food can be fabulously delicious!


Website:    626-483-0214

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