Kerry Gardette

Kerry Gardette has many years of corporate experience in sales and marketing. In his career he has recruited, trained, and developed personalized strategies for several individuals working at successful corporations such as:  Nike, Heublein Inc., Christian Brothers Sales Company, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, AAI Pharma, and Bristol Meyers Squibb.

Mr. Gardette has received numerous awards including: “Most Outstanding Participant” in the Dale Carnegie seminars, and several “Outstanding Salesperson” and “Sales Manager” awards. He also has received numerous other awards throughout his career in sales and marketing for developing sales and marketing concepts on new products, designing distributor systems, creating product programming and strategic personnel placement. His work has benefited corporations with several million dollars in revenue.

Kerry Gardette has a proven track record of promoting successful business plans. His experience with personnel selection has given him the insight and inspiration to assist others through his book, that have not yet crossed his path, to gain valuable knowledge.

As a director of sales and marketing he developed strategic plans for distributors, food chains, national hotels and restaurant accounts, all of which needed the right personnel to execute and implement its plan.

Kerry Gardette is a business consultant, personnel recruiter, and author who helps companies find qualified personnel, and individuals to find their Dream Jobs. He is a hands-on instructor who takes individuals through a step by step process which results in a job of their choice

Kerry has written three books: How To Get Your Dream Job In 60 Days (for college graduates), 60 Days To Your Dream Job (for everyone changing jobs or careers) and How To Find Mr. Right.  All of these books offer the reader a plan to achieve their immediate and long –term goals. Though they are different in content, Mr. Gardette has developed a detailed plan for individuals to attain their objectives. Kerry also offers personalized coaching for his students.

Kerry is a dynamic speaker on the topics of job-hunting skills and techniques. He is a certified seminar leader and a certified action coach with an unique style of presentation that is both informative and upbeat.

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