Lisa Porter

Lisa Porter culls from 17 years experience as the owner of a public relations firm servicing a wide range of companies from to Boeing, to become an advocate for making travel easier for pet owners.  Her expertise in branding and promotions ensures Pet Hotels of America remains the #1 place where those traveling within the U.S.A. can take care of all of their travel needs including reserving at pet-friendly hotels, and locating kennels, daycares, dog parks, dog beaches, restaurants, events and more in every U.S. city.  As CEO of Pet Hotels of America, Porter has worked with local and national animal associations, shelters, restaurants, hotels, airlines, care rental agencies and other businesses to promote pet-welfare and pet-friendliness with regards to policies, amenities and public awareness.

In her spare time, Porter travels extensively with her daughter, often taking their pets with them.  She is an avid pet lover, with two dogs:  Zoey and Lola.

WEBSITE:    877-375-1946

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