LuAn Mitchell

LuAn Mitchell has been inducted and celebrated globally as a Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World in many countries.  She is an international best selling author and has been featured by the Napoleon Hill Foundation as a Global Expert.  Ms. Mitchell is a professional speaker and life/corporate trainer.  She has been flat broke, a multi-millionaire, and has survived the loss of her husband – all before turning forty.  Image isn’t everything.  Ms. Mitchell has been featured in several motivational/inspirational movies, and was formerly a top show host with Voice America as the “Millionaire Mentor.”  Now she is a host of the “Emergence Secrets” show on Big Media, where she interviews global experts who, along with her, offer sage advice to listeners about breaking the barriers that others can build around you.  LuAn offers simple principles and will teach you how to look for answers with fresh perspectives, and how to search within yourself to achieve happiness and personal success, regardless if others think you are sure to fail.  She has learned that it’s usually the fear of losing it all – money, pride, and stature – that can stop us from believing in ourselves, but the only genuine loss is when we fail to be authentic to our true selves.  LuAn is the author and creator of “EMERGENCE, Unleash Your LIFE!”

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