Natasha Holden

Natasha Holden is an avid high school athlete attending Troy Tech/I.B. in Fullerton, California. Ms. Holden started playing recreational soccer when she was 5 and quickly moved into the competitive world of club soccer by the time she was 8. She currently plays as a forward and outside mid-fielder for an ECNL tier 1 premier team, the F.C. Strikers. Natasha is also a licensed Coast Soccer League Referee. Her passion for sports continues into her academic accomplishments. Natasha is the Sports Editor for the Troy Oracle, an acclaimed high school newspaper. She entered Troy Tech I.B. with Honors at Entrance; she is on the Principals Honor roll S- 2010 and is CSF eligible. Ms. Holden also has a passion for film, most recently she was the Recipient of Troy High School, awards for History of Motion Pictures in the following categories: Tony for Live Drama; Best Locations and Best Supporting Actress. On campus she is involved in the following service clubs including Loose Change to Loosen Chains. She also started an on campus club, All the Arts for All the Kids, which supports local arts programs in the community. In addition to her challenging sports and academic schedule, Ms. Holden was nominated for the Young Senators Leadership program by Senator Correa, and has been actively participating in a variety of community service events supported by Senator Correra. During the summer of 2011, Ms. Holden formed a production company with two other Troy High School students called Your Face Productions. They have made several short films and commercials. Of note was their entry for a for Pepsi commercial, which was short-listed in a London, England competition. Ms. Holden aspires to attend Stanford, Dartmouth, Yale, Notre Dame, North Western, or Vassar and participate in collegiate sports. ABOUT YOUR FACE SPORTS: As a natural progression to her interest in sports, journalism and media, Ms. Holden has launched Your Face Sports. The shows segments will focus on interviews with high school, college and national coaches, high school athletes and professional athletes in a variety of sports. Ms. Holden will also feature segments with trainers, college counselors, nutritionists and sports medicine experts. Her primary goal is to continually provide relevant, fun & informative content to her listeners. Website link: (COMING SOON)

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