Steve Brevidoro

After Teaching Tennis in Marina Del Rey for 3 years, Driving as a local Teamster for the Movie Studios for 3 years, and a 13 year career in Food and Beverage management, Steve entered into a long term career in Insurance. Steve has been a Farmer Insurance Agent for some 20 years and over that time has contributed quite a bit to the local community. Hosting and Producing Wine Tastings for the Malibu Chamber for the last 7 years, The woodland Hills chamber for the last 4 years and the Calabasas Chamber for the past 16 years, Steve has raised a whole lot of dollars for the Chambers that he loves. Also, the current president of Premier Business Exchange, an organiztion that has passed some 10,000 leads and generated some $1,000,000 in revenue for its members, Steve can look upon a career in building clientele and long term relationships benefitting friends and business associates. And its not over yet!

FaceBook: brevidoro

Twitter:    818-887-3022

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