LuAn Mitchell President

LuAn Mitchell knows business. With long experience as one of the most accomplished women in the world, she has an intimate understanding of the issues of competitiveness and global pressure on the “playing field” in today’s tough “business of life” world.  In fact, the prestigious McGill University of Montreal, Quebec presented her with their Management Achievement Award and Ms. Mitchell was named the “American Biographical Institutes “Woman of the Year” as well as being awarded their “lifetime Achievement Award.”

LuAn, often called LA,  has been featured by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and is seen in many motivational movies.

As a highly sought after coach, mentor, inspirational speaker, international bestselling author, show host and first-class personality LuAn is known best around the world for her inspiring message of service, perseverance and triumph, she is committed to help others; and is on a mission to share her gifts with the world, and to help others to share theirs.

LuAn works hard with like-minded individuals to plant “seeds of good” around our beautiful planet. LuAn is also the first to “roll up her shirt-sleeves” to help global efforts, and has given millions to worthy causes. Through her business travels and keynote speaking she has developed a large network of supporters for the hero cause.    

LuAn has served on the Women’s Leadership Board at the JFK School of Government, Harvard University – This is an international board of more than 100 women globally who work together to increase the visibility, participation and influence of global heroes.

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