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STATION NAME “ Your Magnificent Life by Baroness Angelika”

Woman’s channel
HOST: Dr. Angelika Christie

Channel: Prosper on Purpose –
Show: Wealth Creation
Podcast Episode Title: The Abundance Show

This Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World was once a broke, grieving widow.

In this Episode of Prosper on Purpose, the celebrated LuAn Mitchell shares with us how she transformed a devastating adversity to her greatest success. Her raw and deeply emotional story of unspeakable pain and triumph will not only inspire, but also change you.

First of all, allow me to wish you a wondrous, exciting, healthy and prosperous year 2020.You are my family, not blood, but heart energy related. Do you like this? It makes me smile, because when I write my thoughts to you, I feel into your energies and imagine talking directly to your heart. So, how did the New Year start off for you? Did you envision some changes, created a small or long list of things you want to accomplish, or change starting from the beginning of the year? Maybe it is just one thing you want to change? Whatever it is, just know that you will need some support to overcome the sabotaging efforts from your subconscious mind. Yes, your subconscious mind will take any opportunity to pull you back into your Status Quo. Why? Because it cannot deal with change, is not designed to accept change, but only what feels familiar. On this Show my guests and I will give you a few pointers that will greatly assist you in bringing more happiness into your life! You need to understand that your awareness at this moment is perfect; it is all that exist, and it is perfect.




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