Dr. Angelika Christie

Dr. Angelika Christie shares her professional expertise and personal experience to help women thrive so that they Prosper on Purpose in their personal and business life through blogs, videos and community.

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Heroic Self-Love Channel

We reveal the secrets so you live every day with increasing youthfulness and undeniable energy that feels wonderful. Heroic Self Love is not selfish but self- healing and self-energizing On this Channel we discuss Love, Relationships, Commitment to self, Longevity Sex, Wellness, latest breakthrough discoveries in Science for a new...

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Outstanding Female Leaders

On this Channel I interview Outstanding Women, Icons and Celebrities who share from their amazing stories of reaching not only Success, but are also making an impact in the world today as Trendsetters, Rulebreakers, Luminaries and Forerunners of a new breed of Female Leadership that is saving the world through...

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Outstanding Men of Global Impact

I have the honor to interview outstanding men who are impacting the world in a major way through their work, their inventions and other means. I call those men the modern, or the ‘Renaissance Man’ because they have moved out and above the old cliché of the need to dominate...

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Prosper on Purpose Channel

Helping especially women to get clear on what they really want, get healthy, reignite their relationships, or leave without regret, and become a magnet for money and wealth, while experiencing more peace and joy. We also discuss business and how to pivot from the old, crumbling competition- oriented world to...

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What Matters Now

This Channel is dedicated to themes and discussions about exactly what it is called. What matters now, is an invitation to think outside the box, and old way of thinking and living. The world had been changing especially since 2012 when we entered a new World Age. The latest drastic...

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