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Hairgeniks Channel

Taking vitamins seems normal to most everyone, both Men and women, nothing unusual about this. For the moment, let’s focus on women and look at specifically why they embrace certain vitamins for personal reasons.. Hair plays a strong part in how a woman feels about herself—therefore we want to help...

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Autism Awareness Channel

I wanted to make a positive change in the world. I asked myself, “How could I do this? How can I affect the world for the better?” I decided that changing the world would be amazing, but at the end of the day, if something I do helps someone, then...

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Host Olympian Christina Smith Is Just what the Doctor Ordered! This Powerhouse Olympian will share her personal experiences On this Special Channel What inspired her to be an Olympian? What it's like to go down an ice track in a bobsleigh? What have you taken away from the experience of...

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Live the Life You Want – With Gusto!

It is a challenge to balance your day to day responsibilities with projects you are passionately wanting to accomplish! You know what you want, you are just not sure how to get there! You are willing to work for it, but sometimes it is hard to be motivated when there...

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Surviving the Next Century through Safety & Innovation

With Host: Wendy Hamelin In the world of safety and Innovation change is inevitable, a battle against time, civilization, and energy. We align ourselves to the waves of the unknown and force ourselves to learn valuable lessons as we reap the consequences of not knowing or rejecting to implement required...

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The Mango Girl

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown shares her professional expertise and personal experiences to help women navigate their challenges, overcome obstacles to find purpose and live their stories out loud despite adversity. “It’s hard to balance a life when you have had many failures on your path.” Join the Mango Girl, a...

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Super Sally Channel

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