Cheryl Womack

Station Owner, Show Host:
Cheryl Womack
Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the World
Founder, Board member, Women of Worth, Inc. a Not for Profit Organization
“A Mistake should Not Define YOU”

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Life gets in the WAY

She Silently Stepped Out of the race that she never wanted to be in, found her own lane and proceeded to WIN. Have you grown up with dreams and goals to meet? Or perhaps you fell into different parts of your life without direction. These various podcasts will explore not...

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What Keeps Me Up at Night?

Oh My, how many things rushing through my head, from the kids won't go to bed to I have to fly out for an early presentation in the morning. Or, is it all those other things from losing your largest client to dealing with growth strategies in a company? When...

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Hosted by Candi Cross. This series of shows will provide wonderful short stories complete with lessons that are real! So, we wondered, just how many women have succeeded despite the obstacles? Our research uncovered the truth, there is a LOT! Learn how to pick yourself up after falling again and...

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A Path Chosen

Do you ever wonder how you found yourself in a crazy place in life wondering, "How did I get here"? We arrive where we are from choices made, events occurring, and people we meet. Join me, and let's talk about and meet women who have found themselves in the best...

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Women of Worth – Spanish

Mujeres de valor español ¡Gracias a Dios por mantenerlo REAL! Este canal "Lo mantiene real", y lo dice como es. Este canal sensacional le presentará la lucha de las mujeres en el sistema penitenciario actual. En los podcasts iniciales, exploraremos lo que debe hacer, si alguna vez necesita ingresar al...

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Women of Worth – English

Thank Goodness for Keeping it REAL! This channel. “Keeps it Real,” and tells it like it is.  This Sensational Channel will introduce you to the struggle of women in today's prison system. In the initial podcasts, we will explore what you need to do, if you ever need to enter...

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Yes it’s true! We're all born with skill sets and talents. The only difference is that some are more fine-tuned then others. And yet, other skills remain hidden under the surface because you never were allowed to know who you were and what you might do. How do you identify...

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