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Indigenous Leadership Channel

The Indigenous Leadership Channel is dedicated to those providing leadership, entrepreneurship, along with opportunities for advancement in our Indigenous communities. Laurie’s guests will include political leaders, authors, business owners, athletes, service providers and so many more who have contributed to their community to make it a better place. This is...

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Reclaiming My Self Love and Worth

Laurie’s area of expertise is her ability to facilitate processes for people to be able to understand how essential it is for us to take ownership of the valuable and worthy persons that we are. This channel will promote techniques and tools and guests who can support us in taking...

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Staying Alive, Suicide Prevention

Suicide is now at epidemic proportions particularly among our young people. Suicide knows no boundaries. A movie star, a single Mom on welfare, an affluent teen, a corporate executive, a child being bullied are all at risk.  If you or anyone you know has been touched please join Laurie and...

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Residential School Recovery

For the most part many of us living in North America are not familiar or educated as to what actually happened for the Indigenous people living here at the time of the arrival of Europeans. All the way from the Spaniards coming to Mexico and North to Alaska many cruel...

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Men and Children

Not a day goes by that we do not hear of some child who goes missing, or the body of a young woman found on the side of the road or a young teen who has been abducted for the sex trade. Within the Indigenous community these numbers are staggering...

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Worthy Parenting

Historically the role of effective parents was removed from the culture of the Indigenous people. Upon the arrival of the Europeans and in an effort to assimilate the Indigenous people who were already living here they began removing children from their home and communities. Thus, began generations of children without...

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