Tony DeMaio

Brings over 40 successful years of corporate management, startup, training and sales experience to Big Media USA.

He started his broadcast career in 2004 with 3 radio shows in San Diego, golf, travel and business.

Tony Founded Life-Time Management and trained thousands of distributors and executives from many Fortune 500 companies in time management and sales skills.

He has launched several companies and sold them to major corporations. Including Duraflex Sports Products and Team Fit.

Tony has been a speaker, coach, trainer, seminar leader and currently in the process becoming an author.

In his career he has worked with the largest company in many verticals such as IBM, GE, Delottie, Franklin Insurance, NY Life, 3M, Carlson, Ford, Herbalife, Amway, K Mart, JC Penny’s, CarMax.

In 2017 Tony Founded Helping Heroes a nonprofit dedicated to working with veterans and 1st responders combat PTSD and TBI.

He started his career as a football coach at Burroughs High School in Burbank, CA and then became an assistant football coach at the University of California,Los Angeles (UCLA), under Head Coach Dick Vermeil.

He has designed and held patens in weight and football training equipment.

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